Our History

The recorded history of Palmyra indicates that the congregation first met under a brush arbor on Saturday afternoons to hear the circuit rider, a man named Peter Doub. About 1835, a small log church was built which was used until a small frame church was built in 1870, which measured 30x40 feet. Early in 1925, this structure was torn away and the current church was built.


Four classrooms and a basement were later added to the back of this structure and the wings were divided into four more classrooms in the 70's, followed by the basement being divided for two classrooms, restrooms being installed and the pulpit area of the sanctuary being remodeled to add a choir loft.


In 1980, a vestibule was added to the front of the church and a steeple was added. Mrs. Nealie Chapman, the oldest member, donated a bell for the steeple.


A picnic shelter was built and later enclosed with heating and air conditioning installed to make it a fellowship building.  As Palmyra continued to grow in membership, it outgrew the fellowship building.


After much prayer and planning, a major construction project was undertaken in April of 1993 to build an educational building with some much needed classrooms, restrooms, a fellowship area and large kitchen.  This project was completed in December of 1993 and a Consecration Service was held on January 16, 1994.  Over 200 people joined in the celebration and fellowship meal, which followed the service.


In 2002, the pulpit and choir loft area of the sanctuary was again remodeled, expanding the area around the pulpit, elevating the choir loft and adding a lighted stained glass window on the wall behind the choir.


In 2003, another milestone was reached for Palmyra.  After having been on a circuit, being on a three-church charge, and then a two-church charge for over 30 years with Hickory Ridge, on June 29, 2003 the sermon was preached by our first full-time pastor, Drew Southern. The sanctuary was filled with over 140 people for this very special service.


In November of 2007, a church bus was purchased to replace the passenger van.  This purchase has allowed better access for group travel by our classes and special groups.


Palmyra returned to a two-church charge in 2013 along with Stokesburg United Methodist Church under the guidance of Pastor Johnny Lord.


Following is a list of pastors with the years they served at Palmyra.  Some also have links to their page on the "Find A Grave" website which gives details on where they are buried and further details on their lives in some cases.

Peter Doub (1835-1839)

Joshua Bethel (1840-1852)

William Fletcher Clegg (1853-1866)

Clarendon Martin Pepper (1867-1869)

John Thomas Gibbs (1870-1871)

Albert W. Craft (1872-1876)

Elisha J. Eudaily (1877)

Thomas Howard Pegram (1878)

Pinkney Lafayette Groome (1879-1882)

James Reese Scroggs (1882-1885)

Thomas Lewis Triplett (1885-1886)

Colin George Little (1886-1887)

Jeremiah Field Craven (1887-1888)

Charles P. Snow (1888-1889)

John M. Lowder (1890-1891)

John "Carter" Mock (1892-1893)

John Henry Totten (1894-1895)

Thomas W. Mansfield (1896-1898)

William Henry Perry (1899-1904)

John Thomas Ratledge (1904-1905)

William Thomas Albright

Daniel Alvin Binkley

Robert Lewis "Bob" Doggett

Thomas Jefferson Folger

A. R. Bell

J. H. Robertson

Charles Hovey Clyde

Edward Jasper Poe

Joseph. H. Brendle

Joseph Walter Kennedy (~1920)

George Washington Williams

James P. Morris (~1926)

Edworth Newton Crowder

James. William Campbell (1928-1931)

James Boyd Fitzgerald (1932-1935)

James Oscar Banks (1936-1939)

Robert Eugene Hunt (1939-1941)

Whitlow "Reid" Harris (1942-1944)

Worth Burton Royals (1945-1947)

Ivan Akers Stephens (1947-1949)

Elphus Abednago Bingham (1949-1950)

Franklin C. Hubbard (1951-1952)

Parker Holmes Hager (1953-1954)

Dan Harrison Dennis (1955-1957)

Billy Van Hunter (1957-1961)

Robert M. Smith (1962)

Tabor Hales Wood (1962-1966)

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez (1966-1969)

Max Dulin (1969-1970)

William "Frank" Heffner  (1970-1974)

Robert "Bob" L. Kerr (1974-1980)

Jimmie W. Holland (1980-1983)

Robert Gray Wolfe (1983-1987)

Roy L. Grant (1987-1990)

James "Jim" H. Purdy IV (1990-1993)

M. Loy Kennedy (1993-1997)

Lewis Poag (1997-1999)

Jack Danley (1999-2003)

Andrew Southern (2003-2010)

Sarah Smith-Pitts (2010-2013)

Johnny D. Lord (2013-2017)

Garrett J. Collins (2017-2020)

Kevin H. Jasper (2020- )



Pictures of some of our pastors can also be found in our Media Gallery